Airbnb & Vacation Cleaning La Mesa

Vacation cleaning in La Mesa is something that usually needs to be done right here right now. It
is somehow like hotel housekeeping that when one of the guests checks out, another one might
be ready to check in instantly. This is why the team of dedicated, expert house cleaners of La
Mesa House Cleaning are always here to give you a quick, high-quality vacation cleaning of
your rental property.


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Professional Move-out Cleaning

We believe that your business is as good as your reputation, so being a vacation rental owner you have to make sure that your property is in the best condition for your new tenants. That’s exactly what we do best, making sure that you get a 5-star review rating from your clients by having a thoroughly clean and presentable rental space for them. We have been in the cleaning industry for more than 15 years now, serving countless customers while innovating cleaning services to meet any of your cleaning needs. Vacation cleaning in La Mesa is just one part of our cleaning specializations.

Weekly Cleaning
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Monthly Cleaning

We do the dirty work

We completely understand how complicated things can be when running a business, let alone the cleaning and maintenance you have to perform after back-to-back bookings. Being in the business of maintaining cleanliness all year round, we know that every person is different when it comes to keeping things clean. It goes the same with every guest you have in your rental house. Some of them might be very particular to keep things in order and make them clean as they check out while many don’t care at all. But regardless of what type of guest you’re attending to, it’s of utmost importance that you keep the place clean and maintain it for the safety of your clients and for your reputation.

What’s Included

Fortunately, our professional cleaning experts are all trained and experienced to handle your vacation cleaning service in La Mesa. For an affordable rate, we guarantee you a result that is not only perfectly clean but a rental space that is so welcoming and beautiful to live in, an environment where your guests will surely love to spend their vacation. Our top-of-the-line vacation cleaning service suits your schedule and requirements. To top it all, as your qualified local cleaning company, we have been serving La Mesa for a long time already and have good reasons why we’ve kept our name on top.


What you just need to do is to give us your instructions and our cleaning experts do the rest to meet and even exceed your expectations. Apart from guaranteeing top notch cleanliness, we also ensure the safety and security of your vacation rental property. Every professional cleaner we have is fully trained to respect you all throughout the cleaning service and even beyond. They also do the regular deep cleaning to keep your property looking at its best every time. To know more about how we can help with your cleaning needs, simply give La Mesa House Cleaning a call now or contact us here.

Our Cleaning Services

Appliance Cleaning

Looking to get your refrigerator, microwave or oven cleaned? Let us know what you need to ensure you get the best service possible

Window Cleaning

Do you need a little extra cleaning like your windows? Cleaning your windows can be difficult. Let the professionals do all the dirty work for you.

Spring Cleaning

Don’t have time to do the clean up yourself? No worries give our team a chance at your spring cleaning and let us handle all the dirty work.

Deep Cleaning

If the normal cleaning no something you need give our deep cleaning services to get those harder to reach areas.

Move-In Cleaning

Are you an apartment manager or moved into a new home and the cleaning is not up to your standards? Try out move-in cleaning services today.

Move-Out Cleaning

Are you moving out your old home? Are you looking to get your full deposit back? Give our move-out cleaning services a try by giving us a call.

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