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Are you looking forward to moving out of your current abode and transfer to a new place in La Mesa? Then a move out cleaning service is what you need.


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Professional Move-out Cleaning

We fully understand how hard and messy it can get when moving out. That is why La Mesa House Cleaning is here to help make things easier for you as you are embarking to another big change in your life. You might find it quite difficult to say goodbye to the place you’ve been living for some time already. But whatever reason you may have that you decided to leave and move into another place, we got your back covered.

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We do the dirty work

You can focus all your energy on packing your things up, de-cluttering the garage, looking for and hiring the movers to bring all your stuff to your new abode. These responsibilities will consume much of your time and effort already, so you don’t want to burden yourself further of the stress of how you’re going to clean up the empty or almost empty rooms. In some cases, house or apartment lease contracts may only require a “swept-clean” during a move out. However, in many cases, property owners may require you to do a thorough move out cleaning before you can finally leave.


Performing a move out cleaning in La Mesa can be very beneficial for both parties, most especially for you if there’s a security deposit at stake! Perhaps you just want to leave the place looking even much cleaner and better than it was before you first moved in. Or maybe you just want to be nice for the upcoming tenant. You could have all those reasons not to neglect the last part of moving out – deep cleaning. So, whether you need the whole house or unit thoroughly cleaned, or just some parts of it on your checklist, our cleaning company is more than willing to do the dirty work. After all, you have more important things to think about,particularly moving into your new dwelling place.

What’s Included

Our Move Out Cleaning Service takes care of all areas of your home, including the bathroom,kitchen, bedrooms, and other parts. Our team of expert cleaners provides the top-notch cleaning service at a very affordable price. They can deal with almost everything just to make sure you move out and leave behind a place that is so clean and welcoming for the new tenants. All of our maid service packages and rates are very competitive, which is in line with our main goal of providing nothing but the best cleaning service for your home.

So, if you need a helping hand to do any sort of cleaning for your new home or apartment in La Mesa, be it a regularly scheduled cleaning service, deep cleaning, one-time big-time spring cleaning, or any type of cleaning, trust us to meet and even exceed your expectations. It’s very easy to book an appointment with us, either by giving us a call, sending us an email, or visiting our website today.

Our Cleaning Services

Appliance Cleaning

Looking to get your refrigerator, microwave or oven cleaned? Let us know what you need to ensure you get the best service possible

Window Cleaning

Do you need a little extra cleaning like your windows? Cleaning your windows can be difficult. Let the professionals do all the dirty work for you.

Spring Cleaning

Don’t have time to do the clean up yourself? No worries give our team a chance at your spring cleaning and let us handle all the dirty work.

Deep Cleaning

If the normal cleaning no something you need give our deep cleaning services to get those harder to reach areas.

Move-In Cleaning

Are you an apartment manager or moved into a new home and the cleaning is not up to your standards? Try out move-in cleaning services today.

Move-Out Cleaning

Are you moving out your old home? Are you looking to get your full deposit back? Give our move-out cleaning services a try by giving us a call.

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